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Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

1.2.7 Performance

Many communication protocols were defined with text-based transmission in mind and some of them are particularly focused on XML as the serialization solution.

It should be noted that even though text formats are relatively inexpensive to produce, they tend to be very heavy on the other side of the wire, where the data has to be decoded. The XML-based protocols are particularly prone to performance problems due to the formatting and ordering liberties of XML documents. Moreover, text formats are not predictable in their lengths, which at the level of actual implementations puts additional pressure on the use of dynamic memory.

YAMI4 is fast.

The data transfer protocol in YAMI4 is a binary one, and it was defined to benefit from the properties of the most popular hardware. The serialization and deserialization of data in YAMI4 is therefore very fast. In addition to the performance-oriented protocol, many optimizations were implemented in the area of message handling to ensure that the most performance-critical scenarios are handled efficiently, both in terms of low latency and high throughput.