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Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

1.5 Conventions Used In This Book

This book exists in two different formats:

YAMI4 is a set of libraries for several programming languages and not all of the material is of interest to every user. For this reason, wherever some concepts or examples need to be presented for several languages, they are split into separate subsections and the alphabetic order is used for all covered languages - that is, the examples are presented for Ada, C++, Java, .NET (C#) and then Python. The only exception for this rule is in the explanation of the compilation steps, where the Ada libraries are addressed after the C++ ones due to build dependencies.

All code examples are documented to the same extent for every language, which might be perceived as unnecessary redundant - this is however intended to allow smooth reading for those who use only one programming language without favoring any of them. Those users who work with several languages will find it sufficient to compare code examples alone and only skim the repeated text explanation.