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Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

3.13 Raw Binary Data Transfer

The YAMI4 library offers a comprehensive data model that is capable of encapsulating dynamic data of common types and with reasonable support for simple data structures. Still, there are systems where such a data model is either not enough or just not needed. In these cases programmers have the ability to transmit data in raw binary format, without wrapping them into parameters objects - for example as a single field of binary type.

The possibility to send raw binary data can reduce the serialization overhead in those systems that treat data as opaque blobs and it can also enable user-provided serializers in those systems that need support for very complex data structures or where custom or third-party serializers are already used for other reasons.

Raw binary data transfer involves the proper configuration of the agent and the use of its API on both sending and receiving side. These details will be covered in relevant chapters and the following subsections will only focus on how to describe raw binary data.

3.13.1 Ada

3.13.2 C++

3.13.3 Java

3.13.4 .NET

3.13.5 Python