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Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

7.1.4 Startup and Configuration

The YAMI4 name server is a separate, natively compiled program, that can be run from its directory with a simple invocation:

$ ./yami4names

The server accepts optionally a name of configuration file as a parameter, but if none is given then the yami4names.cfg file is used by default.

The configuration file is a text file and defines the following properties:

The name server reports its activity on standard output, according to logging flags defined in the configuration file.

The file storage is organized as one entry per file, where file name is equal to the logical name of the binding. This allows easy manual data population or modification, but imposes local file system naming conventions on logical names in the system - that is, it is possible to bind names that are legal file names in the local system, other names will be rejected.

The file-based storage is adequate for systems up to several hundred nodes, bigger systems should use modified implementations that are based on more elaborate database services for persistent data storage.