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Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

8.4 Java Beans

A set of additional wrapper classes is provided for Java programmers to allow the easier use of YAMI4 components as beans in the container-based environment. The Spring framework was specifically selected as a target and example variant of the calculator client-server system is provided with appropriate Spring configuration files.

There are four classes, all defined in the com.inspirel.yami.beans package, that can help in a bean-based system:

The Java bean wrapper and utility classes allow the communication paths to be completely configured in terms of XML files that drive the instantiation and ``wiring'' of application objects within the container.

Explaining usage patterns of the Spring framework is not the purpose of this book - the interested reader will find a simple example of complete client-server system (a variant of the calculator example) in the YAMI4 distribution package, together with appropriate XML configuration files. It is hoped that the example code and configuration are self-explanatory.