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Programming Distributed Systems with YAMI4

9 Examples

Several example programs are provided in the source distribution of the YAMI4 library.

These programs are supposed to be compatible with each other not only within the client-server pairs, but also between programming languages, so that any client implementation will work correctly with any server from the given group. The reason for maintaining this functionality equivalence was not only to demonstrate the interoperability of YAMI4 libraries, but also to provide an easy to follow code base for those users who program in several languages and can therefore learn by comparing different implementations.

The example client-server pairs are:

In each example, the server expects the listener target as its parameter (and possibly some other parameters as well). After the listener is added and resolved, the resolved target is printed on the standard output - this value should be provided as a parameter to the respective client part.

9.1 Printer

9.2 Calculator

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